AI Covid Detection system using X-ray Images kit [AIoT]]

AI Covid Detection system using X-ray Images kit [AIoT]]

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This is a working prototype of AI Application which helps medical professionals or diagnostic centers to quickly screen/diagnoise the patient. In this project ,we build a fully-automated method to detect/screen COVID-19 from the patient’s chest X-ray scanned images.


    How about you create our own X-ray images based AI Covid detection system which detects whethet the patient has covid or not in real time? 

    Do you want to learn how to build your own AIoT covid detection system and use it in your daily life?

    The Kit contains:

    • Raspberry Pi 3
    • Pi Cam
    • DIY instruction Sheet [with AI code & pre-trained model]
    • Electronic circuit design 
    • Battery holder [*No batteries provided*]

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